About Us

Rabininsia Memorial Hospital

The Hospital is highly committed to provide exceptional patient care in a wide variety of medical specialties. A team of specialists and super-specialists form a number of clinics that are designated to provide standard specialized health care to our patients.

Between work, family and your social life, we know your lifestyle can be busy. That's why we provide unique healthcare experiences by providing you quick and easy access to registration and appointment scheduling. Our goal is to quickly and successfully get you registered into our system, in order to spend more time having conversations and connecting with you.

We work everyday to provide stress-free, compassionate environments in our facility for you, your family and loved ones.

Our Mission

To Provide and enhance accessible, comprehensive health-care services to our community that are; Quality-driven, Customer-focused and Cost-effective, i.e "Home of Hospitality".

Our Vision

Rabininsia Memorial Hospital to be a Center of Excellence for Super-specialized services of high quality and affordable in East Africa and the World in general.

Popular Procedures

Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgery

Our Cardiology department is driven by qualified and experienced super specialists that work tirelessly to meet patients' needs. Together, we are on a journey working toward a better state of health and wellness for you.

Orthopedic Surgery

Our Orthopedic department is highly equipped with modern surgical suites staffed by a dedicated and highly trained team of specialists and surgeons that care for patients preoperatively, during surgery and in recovery period.


Accompanied by high-tech equipment and team of super-specialists and surgeons, this department performs varieties of procedures that bring exceptional patient experience during their visit to the hospital.

Spine Surgery

The competitiveness and high commitment of our super specialists and surgeons bring the best services to the patients.

General Surgery

Presence of different experienced specialists and surgeons extends the hospitals' capabilities in performing varieties of general surgeries. We encourage patients to take an active role in staying or getting healthy.

ENT Surgery

This department does the best to make our services exceptionally good and clearly noticeable by providing our patients with comprehensive specialized care from specialists and super specialists available in our clinic.

Pediatric Surgery

Supported by modern theaters, the hospital has gained an outstanding reputation on its services. You are entering an environment where you and your well-being are always at the forefront of our staff's priorities.

What We Do

Outpatient Department Services

OPD services at Rabininsia Memorial Hospital are provided 24/7. Patients get comprehensive care through both general OPD and special OPD if specialized care is needed.

Inpatient Department Services

With a presence of qualified health care givers, our hospital provides an environment that makes it easier for everyone to relax and maybe even forget that they are at a hospital.


Our hospital is equipped with the most advanced laboratory equipment and diagnostic imaging technology available. We take time and attention with each patient to explain procedures in every step.

Surgery Procedures

Availability of specialists and super-specialists keeps the hospital in the best position to provide a wide range of specialized surgery procedures.

Speciality & Super-speciality Clinics

A team of specialists and super-specialists serve a number of clinics that are designated to provide standard specialized health care to our patients.


We act in a fair, trustworthy manner following professional and ethical standards to deliver high quality services.

We work in cooperation as a Team.

We are dedicated in excellence through our personal effort and those of the Team.

We recognize and respect our community’s health.

We are dynamic in health-care provision through new technologies and timely access to information.